Wednesday, April 29, 2009


it's my turn to be the cook again, I hope you enjoy what I have planned, you will need to be in a stitching frame of mind, as I have some stitching included.
1 - 5"x7" Landscape
2 - Wallet Sized Portraits
12 X 12 cardstock base
PAPER A - 3"x12"
PAPER B - 6"x12" (I have used Chatterbox 12x12 Fine Filigree Paper artsy.licious - Kohl so a lace paper would be a good idea but not necessary)
PAPER C - .5"x12"
1 x ribbon - at least 12 inches and very narrow.
1 x Transparency frame to fit the largest photo
1 x Transparency flourish or a rubon
1x Journal block
Chipboard Title
Mini Alpha stickers for a Subtitle
Date Sticker
Ticket Paperclip
5 buttons
Needle and Thread
Stencil to create a fancy border for your stitching.
Journal pen
meet me here at 8 tomorrow night so we can cook up a layout.

Monday, April 27, 2009


wow lovin this new blog concept. each month an artists work will be used as inspiration to create a layout. this month was Gustav Klimt. check out this blog ....and here's my layout. TFL

Friday, April 24, 2009


Join us at Forever Always for our SUPER CROP to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day. Friday 1st May - Sunday 3rd May 2009 .

So many challenges and games, you won't believe your eyes ! And, here's the well as scrapping up a storm, you can join in the fun by setting your very own crop challenge !!!

Lots of inspiration, fun, chatting, RAKS and some prizes up for grabs !!!

Register now in the FA forum for your chance at a Lucky Door Prize !!! Bring a friend/s and go into the draw for a RAK !!! Hope to see you !!!


AND PLAN NOW to have the PERFECT National Scrapbook Day Weekend

1. Early to bed and early to rise for the week leading up, nothing like added energy to get through the weekend!

2. Don't worry about the family - Have the hubby take the kids for the day which includes: All kids sports whether it be a practice, game or both, birthday parties and the afternoon spent at McDonalds - then there is no need for dinner.

3. Hubby then continues into the wee hours of the evening, including bathing the kids or at least organising sleepovers for all the kids. This includes all the children of your best friend who maybe divorced and her X now lives in a different state. After all the two of you do need to spend bonding time together - scrapping girls weekend at home!

4. For those of you without kids - sending your hubby away for the weekend of fishing, camping or a favorite sports event is genius

so what are you waiting for....celebrate your scrapping passion by registering HERE!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hi everyone....would love it if you could all join me for my first recipe scrap challenge at FOREVER ALWAYS this wed 15th April. Get your stash sorted and lets make use of those scraps for this one!!

-12 X 12 cardstock base
-PAPER A - 3"x7.5"
-PAPER B - 4.5"x 10.5"
-PAPER C - 3"x 8.5"
-PAPER D - 3"x 6"
(patterned or plain papers, all paper sizes are approx so if you have one near enough....use it )

-2 x ribbon - 1 x 9.5", 1 x 8.5"
-journal box
-4 x photo corners
-12 or more assorted buttons
-alphas for title (mixed is great) and mini alphas &/or journal pen for subtitle
-and the most essential ingredient....6 x 4 portrait photo

meet me here at 8 tomorrow night so we can mix it up!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Forever Always Layouts...

Take one photo two ways scrap......collage vs white space.

Miss Hippy Chick 2nd Card Sketch is up....

The second card sketch for Miss Hippy Chick is up.....check out the link on the right for inspiration. Heres my version.

Just sharing...

Just thought i'd pop up some layouts i've done this year so far for different challenges around the net.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This week i am celebrating......

My first anniversary.......SCRAPBOOKING ANNIVERSARY that is!!!! yes i have now been scrapping for one time flies when your cutting and pasting. If someone had said to me last year that in twelve months time i would be scrapbooking, on a DT team, and have my own blog i would have PMSL, but look at me thanks to everyone for there great inspiration and new friendships and am looking forward to the next twelve months...who knows where it will take me. xx

Saturday, April 4, 2009

YAY....another April challenge completed...PUZZLE SKETCHES

Wow ....two challenges done in two far April so good. This one is for the current Puzzle Sketches Challenge. Had to use nine squares (my photos), star, arrow and paint.
These are some photos i took of Aleesha recently. She lost her two top teeth within a week and a half....too cute.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Punk Rock Scrappers .....

hahaha.....PUNK ROCK SCRAPPERS challenge. different oh yeah!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random challenge!!! just downright evil....bwahahaha

the girls at 123scrapbook set me a random challenge....thought i better do it today or it would go on the to do list never to be seen again...

1. use all green.....i am so not a green girl
2. distressing.....thats what i was doing over using all green
3. stamping.....yep sweet, stamping an all green distressed
THANKS....for a great challenge girls....not as bad as i thought it would be.
note to self: when using crap photos.....make sure they blend into the background!!