Friday, April 24, 2009


Join us at Forever Always for our SUPER CROP to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day. Friday 1st May - Sunday 3rd May 2009 .

So many challenges and games, you won't believe your eyes ! And, here's the well as scrapping up a storm, you can join in the fun by setting your very own crop challenge !!!

Lots of inspiration, fun, chatting, RAKS and some prizes up for grabs !!!

Register now in the FA forum for your chance at a Lucky Door Prize !!! Bring a friend/s and go into the draw for a RAK !!! Hope to see you !!!


AND PLAN NOW to have the PERFECT National Scrapbook Day Weekend

1. Early to bed and early to rise for the week leading up, nothing like added energy to get through the weekend!

2. Don't worry about the family - Have the hubby take the kids for the day which includes: All kids sports whether it be a practice, game or both, birthday parties and the afternoon spent at McDonalds - then there is no need for dinner.

3. Hubby then continues into the wee hours of the evening, including bathing the kids or at least organising sleepovers for all the kids. This includes all the children of your best friend who maybe divorced and her X now lives in a different state. After all the two of you do need to spend bonding time together - scrapping girls weekend at home!

4. For those of you without kids - sending your hubby away for the weekend of fishing, camping or a favorite sports event is genius

so what are you waiting for....celebrate your scrapping passion by registering HERE!!!

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