Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This week i am celebrating......

My first anniversary.......SCRAPBOOKING ANNIVERSARY that is!!!! yes i have now been scrapping for one time flies when your cutting and pasting. If someone had said to me last year that in twelve months time i would be scrapbooking, on a DT team, and have my own blog i would have PMSL, but look at me thanks to everyone for there great inspiration and new friendships and am looking forward to the next twelve months...who knows where it will take me. xx


  1. You have certainly come a long way in one year...congrats,your work is simply brilliant! Wow, what are you going to come up with in the next year!!! ;)

  2. Happy anniversary!!!! My first anniversary is coming up too, isn't it great where this wonderful hobby is taking us!
    xxx Peggy

  3. If you didn't scrap, i would never have met you gorgeous lady! Happy Anniversary!!!